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  • Red Mamut Adventure Youtube

Uruguay is the first country we travel with the Mamut.
Here goes a brief summary of our road trip.

  • Red Mamut Adventure Youtube

The Mamut´s adventure began strong in its entrance to Argentina. Discover in this mini documentary what happened and how the Mamut went ahead with the help of a whole town to which we will be eternally grateful.

  • Red Mamut Adventure Youtube

One of the strong points of our trip is the arrival at the end of the world. We arrived at this place by the immense and windy route 3, by all the Argentine Atlantic coast and we did not lose anything that this one could offer us.

  • Red Mamut Adventure Youtube

From Ushuaia, the only possible direction is the north. That is the course we will follow to discover the wonders of Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.

  • Red Mamut Adventure Youtube

We cross the Chilean southern highway, pass through the araucanía and arrive in Santiago. Come and discover Chile with the Red Mamut!

argentina querida.jpg
  • Red Mamut Adventure Youtube

In love with Argentina. We travel every corner of this wonderful land.

  • Red Mamut Adventure Youtube

At last we entered Peru, we managed to enjoy beautiful places until the pandemic surprised us.
1 year and 4 months later, we are back!

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