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IATI Insurance. Travel safely with IATI.
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Try never to travel without travel insurance

For example, a hospitalization of 4 days for a simple infection in Bangkok costs 2,300 Euros and an operation of appendicitis in the US can cost 40,000 Euros, an ambulance to the hospital 800 dollars ....

Another problem that may arise is the cancellation of the trip due to an unforeseen event that prevents us from making the trip on the scheduled date. The insurance is responsible for returning part of the money by withdrawing it.


For 24 euros you go 1 quiet week around the world, if you break a leg, you get an appendicitis, sick, you get bitten by a mosquito ... ..the outlay would be at least 12,000 ... .so you travel quiet and travel with travel insurance.

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Travel Insurance Why book it?


Well, very easy. We all have thoughts like these in mind:

- "Nothing will ever happen to us, much less while on a trip or before traveling." Nobody gets rid, because they are "generous with life" of a fall, of an attack of appendicitis, of a stomach infection ... And we all know that there are worse cases ... good travel insurance takes away this concern.


- "I already hired the additional insurance offered by the flight / hotel / etc company ..." Many times, when hiring a flight, a hotel, the web itself offers travel insurance. But let's not forget that these companies sell trips, not insurance. They are often sure that they seem cheap, but the coverage they include is quite poor and we find ourselves surprised that when something happens, they do not respond as they should.


- "I do not need travel insurance because I already have the credit card" Be very careful with these insurance! Many times the coverages they offer are not the most appropriate for the destination you are traveling to. 5,000 euros of health coverage in the United States IT'S NOTHING !! So, before you go trusting in a travel insurance whose coverage you do not know in depth, call, ask, whatever, but do not take unpleasant surprises.


- "I already have private insurance in my country that covers travel abroad" We are in the same as in the previous point ... Many of these insurances have a coverage that when you enter a hospital in the USA they do not take care of you, or if They do it with a lawyer, and we do not invent it, ask how your private insurance works abroad and what medical coverage it has.

What is the most important thing about travel insurance?


- Medical assistance abroad (medical coverage in case of problems)

- Annulment expenses. That the cancellation is only covered if it is for justified reasons that are those that are perfectly explained in each insurance condition. If you want to contract with cancellation, you have to do it within 7 days after contracting the trip (if you bought the flight, or the pack that is)

- Displacement of a relative

- Theft and damages of luggage


- Repatriation and transportation. Sick / deceased

so do not risk and travel quiet

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